How To Get Your Car Ready For Spring


Once the temperatures start warming up, it's time to take off your winter tires. Leaving them on too long is detrimental to your winter tires; the general rule of thumb is to change them over when the temperature rises above 7°C.


While not as common, it's just as beneficial to use heavy-duty wipers in the snow as it is to use winter tires. For the spring and summer months you'll want something a less bulky, and more effective in rain than snow.

Cleaning: Inside & Out

For the interior, you'll want to take out any winter supplies, including the gloves, snow brush, and any other supplies you leave in your trunk. The less weight your car carries, the better the gas mileage will be. Consider giving your windows and mirrors a good cleaning as well, removing built up grime and improving visibility.

For the exterior, your car requires more than a quick spray wash. Get a thorough cleaning to remove any salt collected during winter, particularly on the vehicle's undercarriage.


Check your oil, wiper and transmission fluid, and have extras in the trunk in case you ever need an emergency top up.

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